Label Policy

2019 New Label Policy

Products featured on will not bear any BRAND NAME or LABEL. All items will be packaged in a transparent plastic bag, accompanied by Wash care and Size labels.

Custom Label: You have the option to include your custom label by paying just $15 per order. For orders exceeding 50 pieces, this service is complimentary.

How to Request: After placing your order, send a high-resolution logo image (In .cdr format version 20 or less, or a .pdf format converted from .cdr format) to . If you don't have the artwork in .cdr format, we can obtain it for you at a one-time nominal charge of $20. The initial label service will add 5-7 days to the shipping time due to approval and label printing. Labels are available in dual colors only, with one base color and another font color. We cannot create logos with multiple colors. The free label service may be denied if the logo artwork is complex and cannot be printed.

Payment: Once the logo is verified, a PayPal invoice will be sent for payment.

WARRANTY: All items are covered by a limited warranty of 30 days for any damages or wear and tear.

Bunny Range Label: For Bunny Range corsets, the Bunny Corset Label will be used by default if the customer does not opt for their custom label.